Useful Tips on Collagen 
Collagen is essential in the prevention of wrinkles. But as one grows older, the protein that prevents wrinkles starts to decline. However, there are ways in which one can reduce wrinkles in the face as they age. A domino effect is triggered when one boosts their collagen levels. This means as you promote the levels of collagen the more they the body can produce by itself and maintain. A diet that contains enough proteins should be your priority. Beans, cabbage and garlic contribute to the formation of collagen keeping the skin pigment naturally. A diet with vitamin C is also useful in collagen formation process and also protects the skin. Foods that are rich in vitamin C include spinach, citrus fruits, papaya and broccoli. Vitamin C can also be taken as the supplement. 

Another way to improve your collagen is by drinking plenty of water and applying hydrating skin care products from This is because the more hydrated your skin is more collagen will thrive. Avoid smoking because it kills collagen. The skin becomes old due to the reduction of proteins. As a result, the blood flow is restricted causing dry and wrinkled skin within the eyes and lips. One should also reduce sugar intake because it has similar effects. Regular exercising habit can improve the levels of skin collagen and reduce visible ageing wrinkles. Facial massage is also a great way of enhancing collagen and muscle memory. Facial muscles can contribute to the fresh, youthful skin. Through regular exercise, they can lift, tighten and tone the skin. This can be achieved by massaging your face as you apply your daily products. 

Ginseng plant is also known to contain anti-ageing effects. It is well absorbed into the skin, therefore, enabling the skin to retain its normal shape. By taking its supplement, you can attain a glowing face as well as protect the healthy cells. Aloe Vera increases collagen when applied or taken orally. This is also the reason it works well in treating wounds and burns. Taking an oral supplement is an excellent way to improve the quality of your skin. Another known collagen booster is coriander leaf herb. It contains a robust non-ageing factor called linolenic acid. To ensure that you attain a youthful complexion, avoid burning your skin in the direct sun. Ensure that you apply a sunscreen cream anytime you want to enjoy the direct sunlight. Our health and appearance are better improved by boosting our skin collagen naturally. See page fro more information about the various types of Collagen:
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